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Lifestyle Change: Two Months Update

April 25, 2015 I haven’t been running lately. My allergies flare up in March, so I can’t handle being outside, let alone run outside. My eyes water and itch like crazy. I developed chapped skin below one of my eyes from wiping my acid tears away. Gross, right? Anyway, I never got organized enough to […]

Tooth Powder

I wasn’t going to write about making tooth powder because it seems so prevalent online right now, but I guess I will go ahead and add my two cents. Here is the original post that a friend posted on Facebook. I went to her house and she demonstrated making a toothpaste that her children will […]

Trek Blessings

  I’ve had an incredible weekend leading into my birthday. I was able to go on a Pioneer Trek with the youth as the photographer. My job description included going on Wednesday-Saturday to┬átake pictures and then making a video that would be shown at a Sunday night fireside meeting. I knew the┬áturn around time would […]

Rounding Blood Cells

Monday, March 9, 2015 Now that I’ve had my second cleanse, it’s time to add to my list. Apparently, cleansing is the key to releasing toxins and fat. So even though I didn’t lose any weight all week long, dropping the scale 4 more pounds the day after a cleanse is totally normal. And then […]

“Lifestyle Change”

I woke up at 5:30 am without an alarm today. On a Saturday. So here I am writing some things down about my new diet, I mean lifestyle change because I am never up this early on a weekend. My life is changing because of this stuff. At first, I listened to my friend talking […]

Happy New Year!

Here’s a picture of my growing children. I have not thought about what I would write for my first post of 2015. I just noticed that my last post was almost exactly a year ago. Kind of sad, that. I don’t intend, however, to make any promises of new writings for the new year. I […]


  I did a search for Hurricane Ike to jog my memory of when it visited us. When the results popped up I realized that I had done the search in gmail instead of my web browser. (Quit laughing, geekoids.) So I read a super long email I had written to Josh’s parents. I had […]