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Matching Day

For the last couple of days, Zoe has been asking to make things in the kitchen. She made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and when I was giving her tips she said, “Are you telling me this because you’re not going to help me?” And I said, “I’m telling you this so that you’ll know why.” I helped a little, but she measured everything. I found her trying to measure sugar with a rice cup, and had to show her that it’s not the same by measuring 3/4 cup in the rice cup and then pouring it into the actual measuring cup. Whew… glad we caught that before the mixing began, and now she knows.

Yesterday she wanted to dress in matching clothes, but I put her off saying that we could do it tomorrow. Lo and behold, tomorrow is here and she did not forget. I had to wait for her to go to the door of her room and yell, “OK!” down the stairs so that I could enter my room at the same time she entered hers when it was time to get dressed.

After we documented the matching clothes, she tried to eat cookies for breakfast. And when I caught her, she said, “Let’s make pancakes!” I told her that she could make them and she asked if I would help her. I told her that Seth was making pancakes at her age and she could totally do it on her own. She was scared to flip them on her own, so I told her I would show her.

She mixed up the ingredients and asked me questions while I sat at the table doing my own thing. She had learned from yesterday that the dry ingredients and wet ingredients get mixed separately. When it was time to cook, I got out the cast iron skillet and showed her how to flip. She’s very impatient with waiting for the bubbles to appear and the sides to get dry.

When she got us a drink of water, she used matching blue cups. When she brought the pancakes to the table she had plates in the other hand and said, “Guess what? Matching plates!” in her best singing voice. I cracked up. I had no intention of eating pancakes, but her enthusiasm and Chamorro insistence that I eat earned me two pancakes… one with Mrs. Butterworth’s and the other with Coco Real Cream of Coconut. She placed one more pancake on my plate and is now doing the dishes and singing songs from “Once on This Island” at the top of her lungs while I write.

I took some pictures and decided that instead of having a million pictures on Facebook, I would do a blog post and let the interested parties (grandparents) partake. Enjoy.

IMG_7520 IMG_7521 IMG_7522 IMG_7523

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