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Lifestyle Changes Take Three

I read a Facebook status update of someone making changes in their diet and calling it a lifestyle change. It’s a joke with me. People want to make sure that everyone knows that they’ve had a paradigm shift in their whole sense of being so the word “diet” does not encompass the enormity of what they have done. Well, someone called them out in the comments telling them that they would need to physically move themselves to another state or country in order to call their changes a lifestyle change. In one sense, I get it. You’ve changed what you’re eating, so call it what it is–a change in diet. In another sense, who takes that amount of time to rebut in large paragraph form whatever someone else is going through? I certainly do not use social media that way, but if that’s your thing, that’s cool with me. I don’t tell people how to use the internet. But three months ago when I started using Isagenix saying “lifestyle change” was a tongue-in-cheek use for me.

I have since lost 25 pounds and dropped two dress sizes. This is changing my life.

All of the articles on the internet about the stuff we should and should not put into our bodies is overwhelming to me. I happen to like kale chips, but I don’t think I would have tried them if I had not discovered the recipe on Pinterest. I am, however, unwilling to do much more than that. (Being 50 pounds overweight for the past decade is proof of this.) If I were to rely on myself, I would still be drinking Coke everyday during Sonic’s happy hour and maybe eating something green when I craved it. Using Isagenix has simplified my life. I no longer schedule my day around what I can pick up in a drive-thru. This is huge for me. When I have some extra cash in my car, I am not thinking of what kind of “treat” I can stop and pick up real quick when no one else is in the car with me. I am, however, doing cartwheels on the way to the dressing room at Kohl’s because I am fitting into a size smaller than I was the month before. OK, that’s mostly going on inside me.

In the past, I never believed people when they say they have more energy, so I never say it. I have had stirrings of the need to run. This is also another huge for me. When we went to Nauvoo for a youth trip two years ago, I thought I was going to die. When I did zumba for the first time, I barely made it through the first song. When I play volleyball, which I love more than any other sport or activity, I quit after an hour because I can no longer function properly on the court. When it would take me the whole week to recover, I used to say that I was just getting old. And now… walking almost 16 miles over the course of three days for the youth Trek didn’t kill me. I can keep up in zumba for an hour and then go running for a mile afterwards. When I play volleyball, I have to make myself stop and go home at 11:00pm. I no longer take pain killers or the whole week to recover. This is changing my life.

I’ve been keeping a journal of the little things that have happened in the last month. So here they are after 3 months of Isagenix:

1. My wedding ring is loose! At one point, I had to have it cut off because I had gained so much weight. A few years ago, my husband took me to have it remade so I could wear it again. They had to make it several sizes larger than it was in order for it to fit me. I was saddened by that, but glad that I could wear my ring again. My knuckle keeps it on, but it moves freely on my finger above it.

2. My sweet tooth has diminished. When I eat something I shouldn’t because we’re celebrating, it actually tastes too sweet to me. I know from reading blogs that when you give up sugar, this will happen to you. There is sugar in the Isagenix products, but overall, it is very low in sugar. I have had zero temptation to drink a Coke which is surprising to me because I used to love it. I’m staying away in case it’s my kryptonite. I don’t really want to find out and I’m pretty happy without it.

3. I mess up all the time and I feel an immediate response in a stomach ache or a bloated feeling the next day, but whenever I get back into the game — disciplined use of Isagenix — I feel better again. Cleansing is hard, but so worth it. I bounce right back into feeling like a million bucks. I hope I stop messing up eventually, but we are so ingrained to celebrating little things with food that it can be hard.

4. In the last year, I think, I’m not sure when it started, my left arm was starting to be very weak. It was like I pulled a muscle and it wouldn’t heal. Three months ago, I thought to myself, I wonder if this stuff will make my arm better. I couldn’t lift anything with it by itself. It was that weak. Now, I feel like it is healing. I didn’t start Isagenix for this, but I believe my friend when she says, “When you give your body what it needs, it heals itself.” I know now that she does not lie and every promise she has made me has come true. I will be forever grateful for Cindy being willing to sound totally nuts in getting me on this product.

5. I can now cinch up my belt two more holes. I was using the very last hole on the belt, and now I am using the third hole. That is a┬ávisual that I love. It is an indication to me that reaching my goals is possible. I can now wear a skirt that I bought 15 years ago and just kept because it was my favorite. I also can wear a pair of shorts that I bought 10 years ago. Reaching my goals is possible. I almost didn’t want to have loftier goals. My friend Cindy reminded me last night that my only goal when I started was to see my toes. I can totally see my toes now.

I am loving the changes. My husband started Isagenix a month ago and lost 16 pounds and is shrinking. My daughter started using the products and lost five pounds in a week. I have noticed she has way more discipline with food. She really wanted to have seconds of chicken alfredo last night, but held back. This makes me so happy! I know she will reach her goals when she is making right choices. My brother and his wife are using the products and are doing so well in their discipline of following the schedule that I have no doubts they will reach their goals.

Everything seems possible to me. I feel like everyone needs this. So I’m going to sound just as nuts as Cindy. Call her. Get on this stuff. It will change your life.

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