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Lifestyle Change: Two Months Update

April 25, 2015

I haven’t been running lately. My allergies flare up in March, so I can’t handle being outside, let alone run outside. My eyes water and itch like crazy. I developed chapped skin below one of my eyes from wiping my acid tears away. Gross, right? Anyway, I never got organized enough to hit the fitness center with Zack on the way home from seminary. So I didn’t exercise very much during this second month of my lifestyle change. It’s not a surprise that not much changed, but I am still progressing.

On Friday, I decided to attend a Zumba workout at my church where a friend leads the class for free. She does it because she loves it so much, and she knows workouts/dances for 50 different songs. I gotta say, that’s a huge deal to me because I can never remember line dance moves at the youth dances from month-to-month. Well, I can do the Cupid Shuffle because it reminds me of chaperoning the band during football season. Just imagine a line of band moms in the stands doing this dance–it’s my favorite. As far as remembering dance moves, I usually just ask my Sarah to teach me. Every time. She’s got a great memory.

I went to the very first Friday Zumba class back in September, I think. It was a while ago and way before my lifestyle change. It was brutal. I nearly died after the first song. I was watching some of the other ladies bounce around on the balls of their feet and wondered how in the world they kept up. I did not go back again because it barely fit in my schedule, but I think I was mostly too embarrassed.

Five months later, I make a lifestyle change, and two months later, I’m back for my second class of Zumba. I kept up with most of the moves… it probably wasn’t pretty, but I kept up! It was fun! I was sweating, but not clawing the air for breath. I kept thinking to myself that I was going to start getting sloppy from fatigue any minute. It never came. I was feeling so good and I didn’t want to stop, but Zack had a class to get to.

I jumped in the car all sweaty and warmed up, and when we got to the church where my kids do Super Friday classes, instead of sitting in the car and reading a book waiting on them, I went for a run. I thought of another friend who impressed me with a text in my first week of lifestyle change that she had just had a great run. I wondered if I would get to the point where I would consider running “great.” So I just did it. By the time I felt I should stop, I had run 1.4 miles without stopping. It took me around 15 minutes, so that should deter anyone wanting to join me. I’m as slow as molasses, but what a step up! I felt good and happy and incredulous that I was still going after an hour of Zumba. When I got home to have my shake, I still felt like dancing around. So I did. And then my husband convinced me to post the drop cam video to the private lifestyle change group page. I suppose if it’s for inspirational purposes, I may not live to regret it.

I have lost or released (I don’t know why they say it that way, but I’m trying it out) 20 pounds and a lot of inches (I am not sure how to add up the inches either). Technically, I’ve seen the scale dip down to 23 pounds after a cleanse, but I hover around the 20 pound mark, so I’ll use it for a while until I’m more solidly at the lower mark. I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in years. And most all of my clothes are loose or falling off me. I got some hand-me-down pants in size 14 and 12 and shirts in size large because my “great run” friend is now in a size 8. Even those clothes are getting loose.┬áLast August, I attended a homeschool conference and got a size L t-shirt that looked a little too tight on me, but I wore it anyway. I’m wearing it right now and it fits very nicely. If I can find any pictures, I’ll put them up to show the before and after.┬áThe battle between my belly and chest is ongoing because I am losing inches all around. My sports bras no longer fit, and my regular bras are hooked to the innermost clasp.

up and away two months

I am loving the way I look, but still have 30 pounds to lose. Actually, if I can get down to a size 10, I’ll call it good. I’m feeling very good about my body, but more importantly, I am happy with the way I feel like moving. I may not run 7-minute miles like I did when I was 13, but I am making large strides nonetheless. I don’t have any grand goals of running marathons, I’m still just set on seeing my toes. And they are steadily coming into view.

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