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Rounding Blood Cells

Monday, March 9, 2015

Now that I’ve had my second cleanse, it’s time to add to my list. Apparently, cleansing is the key to releasing toxins and fat. So even though I didn’t lose any weight all week long, dropping the scale 4 more pounds the day after a cleanse is totally normal. And then I watched a video of before and after blood cells of people who have been using Isagenix for 11 days. I guess my blood cells are rounding out while I’m rounding down. Yes, I’m still on the round side. If you saw me at church yesterday and read my last blog post, you were probably thinking it… “her belly is still winning over her chest.” And you would be right, but I feel so good!

Here’s something that showed up in a friend’s feed after she read my blog on Saturday. Super funny timing and a little too close to home. 🙂


Last night it was decided that my two oldest kids and our friends would go running at 7am the next day. I took my husband’s advice and started out walking quickly. My friend and I are both in our 40’s so we are the perfect workout couple–no pressure! I have to say that there is great benefit in attempting to exercise so early in the morning when it’s still mostly dark! No one has to see my struggle–the way my breath comes in gusts and how I can barely run half the track and then have to stop. I am pretty sure we only ran about 3/4 of one lap and then walked three laps. It’s not marathon numbers, but I ran! I speed walked! One mile total! In the rain!

When I got home, I took a shower, made a shake, washed the dishes, cleaned the stove, and began sewing trek bonnets. It’s true that this stuff gives you energy!

A few months ago, I tried walking on the treadmills at the fitness center in our neighborhood. I took my three young ones with me and we walked for about half an hour, messed around with the weight machines and then came home. I had to go back to bed because I was so beat. I think that lasted for a week and then I naturally strayed away from going to work out because I wanted to get more done in the day.

And here I am, almost 10:30 pm and I still haven’t had a nap. In fact, we went ice skating. Yeah, I know! I’m on fire!

Update after week 2:

I have lost 11 pounds total. I measured myself and found that I have lost an inch off my calves, an inch off my bottom, and a few around my waist. I’m very vague with that because I’m not sure if I’m measuring in the right spot. It might be two inches, it might be three, but I did wear a pair of capris today that I did not have to lie on the bed to button. And then once they were buttoned, they did not roll down. Another cool thing is that I wore my boots on Sunday and I usually have to put some umph into getting them zipped, but they zipped up before I could amp up my efforts. I made a surprised, “Ooh!” sound, and Josh looked over and said, “Not the calves!” I’ll admit that I had no goals for calf size, but now I feel like I should set some loftier goals.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yesterday I cleansed in order to change my Cleanse Days away from the weekend and to avoid not eating during the Stake Youth Trek this week. Now that I know that you drop weight after Cleanse Days, I’m more apt to do them. I was able to follow the schedule closely this time. It’s amazing how doing something every two hours can make things go more smoothly.

I wanted to hit the sack at 11 pm, but needed to get more sewing done beforehand. I made the poor choice of ending my night with a cheesy movie while folding clothes. I ended up sleeping at 3 am and missed my 7 am walk/run this morning. So sad. I wanted to see how much easier it would be to get through that mile. I was bummed to stand up my friend, too. I’m lucky she is so forgiving.

Even though I don’t feel as good as I did on Monday, I still lost another pound and another inch off my waist. And man, did my shake taste good today. I’ve decided that I like rounding out my blood cells.


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