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I made homemade hummus for the first time this morning. I think the one pound bag of dry chickpeas has been in my pantry for a few months now. I checked Pinterest for a recipe and decided on following Alton Brown’s Hummus For Real recipe on the Food Network website.

It turned out pretty well. I mean, it looks like it does in the picture. It was really easy to make. The hardest part was stirring the tahini. Who knew that little tiny sesame seeds could bring out the blood, sweat and tears of a person when they are in a pureed form? It was tough!

I think it needs something… like a yummy topping similar to what they do in the center of the store-bought ones. Maybe some roasted garlic chopped up with almonds? Any suggestions? Time to go look on Pinterest again.

Too bad no one in my family likes hummus. Before he tried it, my 15-year-old said that hummus is one step down from Vegemite. I had to make him try it to see if a homemade version of the stuff would change his mind, and it did! He kind of, almost, just a little bit likes it now.

Still, one pound of dry chickpeas makes a LOT of hummus. It filled the food processor just about to the brim. Anyone out there want to try it? I’ll bring you some. Text me.

Really. I need help.

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